Thursday, June 10, 2010

~ weekly dishes as my fuel and learning to cook again ~

As a health conscience macrobiotic, arranging to have my meals prepared by someone else was like, well, if I had any children, I would say it would be like dropping my child off at a new daycare. I was worried about the results. Much like a mother would be about her child's safety, ability to learn new skills, assurance that the child would not come home with a mouth full of bad words or bumps and bruises from getting bullied around by other kids.

On the first day Jennifer cooked my meals I hurried home eager to try the new dishes. My nerves got the best of me and I dreaded the worst. Would she secretly bring with her ingredients I didn't allow her to use like dairy products, red meats, refined sugars, stuff that came in boxes, or (gasp) cans..or even worse - salt, and lots of it..that awful ionized salt!

"How dare she!" I would say. And then I would fear that my health would be compromised for a week plus three whole days after that (the amount of time it may take food to move through our bodies) while the last of that week's food would make its way through my digestive system. My nose and face would puff up from the salt intake as it retains liquids, bumps would pop up on my skin as the radicals from additives in processed foods would try and make their way out of my body. Ok, too much information, i'll stop there, I tell you I am a health conscience NERD.

To my modest amazement, everything was perfect, and has continued to be for over a year now. So for those that don't know, yes, I have personal chef, an imperative arrangement I made to keep up with my work and school schedule. An 8 hour work day followed by a 3 hour school night 4 nights out of the week, and 8-10 hour study days on Saturdays and Sundays leaves little to no time for cooking daily meals.

The arrangement is simple. Jennifer (a graduate of the NYC Natural Gourmet Culinary School) comes once a week to my apartment with help from the superintendent of my apartment building who has a key. She picks from the groceries I leave in the fridge (which I purchase usually over the weekend before), and then follows the menu I write up on a white erase board. She does her magic, puts all dishes in containers, labels them cleans up locks the door behind her and, tadda..meals for the week!

I know what you are thinking - only in NYC!

Well let me tell you, its far from a luxury. Cost wise, its cheaper than eating out, atleast with my health conscience taste..getting good meals around Union Sq in NYC is very easy due to the abundance of good eateries..but it will cost you.

So, now the reason for the post..she took the week off! ahhh! The worries have build up again. Only this time I am worried about my own results. Not having practiced in a while. I know enough to wash the veggies well. Put the veggies in order of hardness. But the tempeh?..marinating it.. hhhmmm let's see how should I slice the tofu? In triangles like she does or the long rectangles my Mother always cut it in. Well i'll just have to don the apron and give it a try.

Pictures to follow..

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